Every show is unique, and this presents an opportunity to find a unique FX solution. Custom systems such as flame bars and smoke curtains can be built and installed for short term or long term productions. We can also look at new ways of mounting our equipment into your show.

Here at AUSFX we build a lot of our own gear.  Equipment that we use every day in our shows.  Equipment we have designed to our exacting specifications. Equipment we can trust.  The knowledge and experience we gain through this process affords us the opportunity to build what you envision, not just an off the shelf product.

Custom cryo Equipment

Considering features such as effect size, noise, consumption, and location we can design a system to meet the needs of most any situation.  We have tested lots of different equipment and techniques to find what works best.  We use the best components available to ensure a safe and reliable system is produced.

Custom flame equipment

Flame bars can be used as decorative effect, or to add some real fire to a scene.  Different fuels can be used to create different flame looks and colours, and we can build custom fire writing and images.

Custom explosions, fireballs, and simulations

From big explosions and fireballs to gunshots and battlefield simulations.

Custom pyrotechnics

We can also design and source effects to meet your requirements on height, duration, noise level, and colour.  Pinwheels and set-pieces which incorporate logos and text can be made to spec, and create a novel way to share a message.

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Some Of Our Work

Are you looking for a special effects company?

Pyro, flame or cryo, any special effects you need, we got you covered. Talk to us today.

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