Flames – Gas and Liquid Fuelled

Real flames, producing light and heat which can take the form of a rolling fireball, a sharp jet of flame, gentle wall of fire, or flame columns.

Flames can be used indoors or outdoors and rigged in a variety of ways to suit your look. Fuelled with either gas or liquid, we have the right flame to suit the situation and the venue.

We can control the duration of the burn, the shape and size the size of the flame, and the height it reaches.

New to market is our revolutionary AusFlame.  This portable flame machine has been designed with versatility in mind.

Flame height can range from 2-18 metres and can be controlled via direct input or DMX.  We can even control it wirelessly!

It features a multi-fuel capability, ensuring it can be used in many different scenarios and venues. This also enables us to produce a broad range of flame looks to properly suit every artistic requirement.

With a very small physical size, and various mounting options, the AusFlame can be rigged in many different ways, and in almost any direction.

Completely Australian designed and built by us here at AUSFX, we’ve used our years of experience to create this one-stop flame solution.


Some Of Our Work

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