Used for centuries, but still considered a popular and unique way to celebrate an event.  The combination of mystique, energy, and beauty ignites something elemental in all of us.

We can create a display on land, water, rooftop, and on structures such as bridges & stadiums.  Our displays utilise fireworks carefully chosen to suit the display location.

Displays can take the form of a traditional show where the fireworks are the stand alone main attraction, or designed around music to form a pyromusical display.

They can also include a multi-faceted spectacle where they compliment a performance such as at a music festival, or form part of a New Year’s Eve celebration.  Grand openings, and important sporting evens often require something special, so fireworks can often be the answer.

Using the latest in digital firing equipment, we can choreograph a show with millisecond accuracy to create beautifully synchronised shows, and place effects in locations where access can normally be difficult.

For any larger event, or as a finale to your show we can provide a fully licensed display for that big ending.  We bring colour, noise, and light to your event to make the moment memorable.


Are you looking for a special effects company?

Pyro, flame or cryo, any special effects you need, we got you covered. Talk to us today.

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