Pyrotechnics – Close Proximity

We provide close proximity pyrotechnic effects for indoor and outdoor use. These effects are designed to be used within close proximity to performers, audience, set, and on-stage equipment.

The items are manufactured to strict tolerances to provide maximum safety, reliability, and accuracy. They bring sparks, colour, explosions, light, and noise to the show and come in a range of heights from 1 metre to 100 metres. They can be rigged in a variety of ways such as on a stage, on a truss, or on a unique structure.

From waterfalls to sonic booms – we select from a wide range of effects to create the look and the energy needed for that moment. We source our products from the world’s best manufacturers.

Enola Gaye Smokes

Enola Gaye smokes are the most widely used and popular coloured smoke products for commercial use in the world. They come in a wide range of vibrant colours, and are often used in photoshoots, advertising, celebrations, and events where a reliable pyrotechnic smoke is required. Being a pyrotechnic device, they do require licenced handling and use.  AUSFX are the Australian distributor to Enola Gaye, and are happy to assist you in using these smokes.


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