Cryo CO2 Jets

Producing intense plumes of frozen CO2 fog in any direction, with a high impact noise to match. They are totally directional, and designed to be mounted upright, on angles, upside down, and sideways. Our AusJet range are Australian designed and built, and produce some of the biggest cryogenic effects on the market.  These will get a big reaction from the crowd every time.

  • AusJet – Our go to CO2 cryo jet.  This is our standard feature at concerts reaching heights of up to 10 metres. Its bigger and fiercer than most of the CO2 jets out there.
  • AusJet Mini – the younger brother of the AusJet.  Designed for when full AusJet impact is a little too much.  This CO2 jet produces a slightly smaller effect with heights reaching up to 6 metres.  We also have a lower noise option.
  • AusJet Extreme – this is the big guy, producing a thicker and higher effect up to 16 metres.
  • AusJet Handheld – our lightweight handheld cryo gun producing thick plumes up to 8 metres.
  • AusJet “Amensia” – custom built to replicate the CO2 cannon at the Amnesia nightclub in Ibiza.  This club cannon dumps a very wide plume of CO2 fog, creating a blanket like effect. It may even cause you to forget about using anything but an AusJet ever again.

Dry Ice

Traditional dry ice, or the more advanced and controllable low lying fog machine which produces a superior effect.


Some Of Our Work

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