Smoke – low and hight output

From thick smoke to create a reveal, to wispy smoke to mimic a fire we have a variety of ways to create the perfect effect. Our indoor smokes use nontoxic fluids, and our outdoor varieties can fill a large area quickly.

Low Lying Fog

A gentle, flowing fog which hugs the ground and produces a cloudlike effect. Superior to the traditional dry ice effect as it can be fully controlled, and does not need special handling methods compared to using dry ice.


Softens the look in a venue, and makes light and laser beams visible.

Vertical fog jet

These machines simulate traditional CO2 cryo jets, by blasting a vertical stream of safe, water-based fog while simultaneously illuminating it with LEDs.  It produces a fast, narrow column of fog.  They are a great alternative when a low noise, softer impact effect is required.

Coloured smoke

Coloured smoke is a popular effect used in a wide variety of scenarios.  It comes in different durations, smoke output levels, and eight vibrant colours.  We use a non-toxic smoke product, manufactured by the world’s most popular and trusted name in coloured smoke effects.


Some Of Our Work

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